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Why Do You Need Weight Loss Surgery?

Live better and enjoy your body and your life.​
Why do you need weight loss surgery?​

-Learn why you might need a bariatric or weight loss surgery in Tijuana.​

-Meet the VIVE Bariatric team in Tijuana led by Dr. Carlos, one of the best specialists in this 
type of procedures in Mexico. ​

One of the most complicated medical problems today is obesity or excessive weight gain in children 
and adults. ​

It is a health problem that can lead to various health problems, such as diabetes, heart problems, 
arthritis, chronic joint pain, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and many others.​

But beyond these difficulties and health risks, obesity can become a cause of social isolation, distress, 

Do your knees seem to rebel every time you take a step? Do you easily get tired? ​

Perhaps the cause lies in the fact that you are carrying too much weight, a weight that your body and 
your skeletal system are not naturally prepared to bear.​

Who is a candidate for weight-loss surgery?​

Weight-loss surgery is an option for those patients who are overweight and are endangering their 

A weight over 30 BMI is considered a clear sign of obesity, and can lead to serious problems.​

All people who have a weight above this index are candidates for some type of surgery or bariatric 

In the case that the patient has diseases or medical conditions, there are several options for treatment. ​

And many times, those medical conditions are directly associated with being overweight!​

What are the options?​

At VIVE Bariatric in Tijuana you can opt for the best procedure for you, your body and your lifestyle.​

There are several procedures available, some with minimally invasive surgery and others non-invasive. ​

In all cases, VIVE Bariatric has the most up-to-date treatments, performed with the most advanced 
techniques and equipment by first-class professionals trained in Mexico and the United States.​

Among the surgical options, there are procedures such as the following:​

-Gastric Sleeve. The surgeon removes an important part of the stomach (around 80 percent of the 
stomach), to avoid excessive food consumption. ​

The operation is performed laparoscopically, without making cuts and through a small TV camera 
inserted into the stomach.​

-Gastric Bypass. In this case, the doctor cuts a part of the small intestine to make the intestinal transit 
faster and avoid prolonged absorption of food.​

Among the non-surgical options, there are procedures linked to the Gastric Balloon:​

-Gastric Balloon. There are several types of gastric balloon, which are available in case surgery is not 

It basically consists of an inflatable balloon placed inside the stomach to eliminate hunger and reduce 
the space for food, generating a feeling of satiety.​

How long does the process last?​

After a procedure such as Gastric Sleeve, the patient begins to lose weight immediately, and can see a 
noticeable difference after the first month. ​

You’ll see the final result in approximately one year, when the weight indicators show a normal weight 
for the patient’s age and height.​

After the surgery, the patient will be under permanent care by the VIVE Bariatric team, either in 
personal consultations or by telephone or web.​

VIVE Bariatric professionals include, in addition to surgeons and specialized nurses, dieticians and 
even psychologists, to help you change your lifestyle and enjoy every day.​

The team will keep a step-by-step account of the patient’s condition and achievements.​

And every success we celebrate with you!​

Meet Dr. Carlos and his team ​

The VIVE Bariatric team is made up of doctors and health professionals who will help you achieve 
your goals from the beginning.​

Schedule an appointment with us at our offices in Tijuana, find out which procedure is right for you 
and start a new stage of wellness and health in your life.