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What is the Gastric Sleeve, and why can be your best option at Weight-Loss surgery in Tijuana. 
-Learn how Dr. Alberto Carlos performs the Gastric Sleeve at VIVE Bariatric in Tijuana, a 
system to eliminate obesity with the best techniques and the latest technology. 
-Learn the procedure to remove a part of the stomach and ensure that patients live with their 
ideal weight without straining with diets or exercises. 

Live without being overweight and change your lifestyle to enjoy every minute of it.  
Many times patients at VIVE Bariatric of Tijuana come to the office after years of trying all kinds of 
diets, exercise and weight loss treatments, with no success or poor results. 
For them, the VIVE Bariatric team performs a complete evaluation to determine the causes of their 
excessive weight and the most favorable option for their lifestyle and medical condition. 
Visit VIVE Bariatric in Tijuana and meet Dr. Alberto Carlos, one of the best weight loss surgery 
specialists in Mexico. Dr. Carlos has hundreds of surgeries performed each year and a list of happy 
patients, who after regaining their normal weight continue to thank him. 
Thanks to these procedures, many patients are able to enjoy life in a way they did not before. Their life 
was heavy due to their problems such as fatigue, social isolation, and medical problems such as high 
blood pressure, arthritis or breathing difficulties. 
Most of patients found the definitive solution to obesity with the procedure called Gastric Sleeve, the 
most effective and the most performed worldwide due to its safety, efficacy and fast recovery time and 
Learn about the Gastric Sleeve and see how it is performed. 
What is the Gastric Sleeve? 
The procedure is simple. It consists of the removal of part of the stomach to reduce its size and avoid 
excessive food consumption. 
The stomach is an elastic bag where food is received to be processed by the digestive system. When the 
stomach is small, the feeling of satiety comes sooner, and the patient stops eating. 
In addition, with the removal of part of the stomach, the gland located in the upper part, responsible for 
producing the hunger hormone, is eliminated. As a result, the patient will not feel hunger or anxiety 
about consuming food, which is the main reason why diets do not work. 
How is the procedure performed? 
The gastric sleeve operation is performed under general anesthesia, using laparoscopic surgery. That is, 
no cuts or large incisions that take time to heal, but three to four small incisions, just a few millimeters 
in diameter. 
The procedure is performed from the outside, using a small TV camera inserted through one of the 
small holes and with instruments that use the same cuts.  
You look at the photos and videos, it’s amazing! 
The doctor watches the operation through a TV monitor installed in the operating room. 
For this reason, the Gastric Sleeve is a minimally invasive system because there will never be large cuts 
in the abdominal cavity, nor bleeding or pain in the reoperation process. 
How is part of the stomach removed? 
Wielding a type of scissors, the surgeon makes a cut from top to bottom. He then removes the removed 
portion of the stomach through one of the holes drilled at the beginning of the operation.  
To close the stomach, a kind of zipper is used, which with the passage of time will heal and will be 
eliminated without problems. 
What remains in place of the stomach is a tube instead of a pouch. This is why it is called the Gastric 
Sleeve procedure. 
In a period of approximately ten days, the patient will be able to return to normal activities, always 
under the supervision of the VIVE Bariatric team. 
The stomach does not grow back, and the patient can recover his normal life, without the need to 
consume food supplements, since his nutrition will be normal six months or a year after the 
Schedule a consultation at VIVE Bariatric in Tijuana and solve once and for all the problem of obesity.