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When choosing a surgeon it’s critical to ask the right questions. For example: What are his certifications? How long has he been doing this particular procedure? Where did he study? How well is he acknowledged in the medical community?

And, in the case of bariatric surgery… How well does he understand your ongoing frustration with weight-loss?

Vive Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico has one of the most experienced Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico.


A renowned team of medical professionals

Vive Bariatrics in Tijuana is a premier, private surgery center in Baja California, Mexico. Our center was founded by Dr. Verduzco who has always been focused on providing the highest quality patient care and the most cutting-edge treatments available today.

As the leader in Tijuana bariatric surgery, we have assisted countless patients to overcome their weight loss difficulties and find hope again. We maintain the highest standards of patient care and satisfaction by always adhering to strict principles


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